Ven  Novela - Seix Barral 2012 / Planeta 2013 (org. 2008)

Una noche de invierno, mientras la nieve cae sobre la ciudad, un editor está revisando una novela que está a punto de mandar a la imprenta.

Se trata de un libro de enorme venta de un autor importante. Cuando una antigua amiga aparece en su oficina para contarle que el libro está basado en un hecho real del que fue víctima durante su estancia en África como delegada de las Naciones Unidas, el editor se enfrenta a un dilema:

¿Debe publicar la novela y asumir las funestas consecuencias personales y políticas que tendría hacerlo?


"A mind-blowing novel about real life in literature. And vice versa." Litteratursiden

"As in all great novels of suspense, the story carries the intrigue all the way through. The final word on the questions - has the author really vampirized the life of a young woman, will the editor publish the book - Janne Teller has the elegance to withhold. Page by page, slaloming between different parts of the text in search for the truth, the reader is engulfed in the same experience as the protagonist. Then, with the perfect pitch of a thriller, Janne Teller draws a grandiose moral closure." Transfuge, France

"What does art do to us? For us? Does it do anything? Even though Janne Teller's book is mostly about questions such as these ... it's as thrilling as a thriller." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
"In Come, current issues of conflict are transformed into high level literary energy." Politiken

"I whizzed right through, but the afterthoughts have never left me." DR2, Danish national TV