"Indelible, elusive, and timeless, this uncompromising novel has all the marks of a classic.” Booklist, USA 

Nothing    Novel, Simon & Schuster 2010 (org 2000)

"What more do you wish from literature?" Der Spiegel, Germany

“No one escapes the blow.” Publico, Spain

“Gorgeously lyrical and dreadfully bleak.” (starred) Kirkus Review, USA

“This beautiful and frightening book stopped me in my tracks.” David Almond, The Guardian, UK

“A youth novel in Nobel Prize class.” Lena Kjersén Edman, Sweden

"Great art!” LMdA, France

“Janne Teller has with NOTHING written a novel that is as haunting as it’s brillant.” El Tiempo, Colombia

Prizes, ia:
*Michael L. Printz Honor, USA 2011, for literary excellency
*Mildred. L. Batchelder Honor Award, USA 2011
*Die Zeit. Luchs Preis, Germany, August 2010 
*Le Prix Libbylit 2008 for best children's novel of the year published in French.
*Cultural Ministry's Prize, Denmark 2001 for best children's book of the year.



Published in more than 25 countries/languages, incl.:  USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain (Spanish, catalan and basque), Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, (Russia-censored, not-published), Turkey, Taiwan, South Corea, Japan, Brasil, Mexico, Colombia (and other Central/Latin America), China, and Bulgaria.

Has sold half a million copies alone in Germany, and many more around the world. A bestseller in countries as different as Germany and Mexico.

A story about everything and nothing, a boy in a plum tree, and a 7th grade no longer sure that anything means anything.


"Pierre Anthon left school the day he found out that it was not worth doing anything as nothing mattered anyhow. The rest of us stayed behind. And even though the teachers carefully cleared up after Pierre Anthon in the class room as well as in our heads, a bit of Pierre Anthon remained within us. Perhaps this is why things later happened the way they did ..."

Thus begins the story of Pierre Anthon, a thirteen year old boy, who leaves school to sit in a plum tree and train for becoming part of nothing. "Everything begins just in order to end. The moment you were born you began to die, and that goes for everything else as well." Pierre Anthon shouts and continues: "The whole thing is just one immense play which is about pretending and about being best at exactly that."

Scared at the prospects that Pierre Anthon throws at them together with the ripening plums, his seventh grade class mates set out on a desperate quest for the meaning of life. This involves a closed saw mill, green sandals, a yellow bicycle, a pair of boxing gloves, the Danish flag, the hamster Oscarlille, a Jesus statue stolen from the church, little Ingrid’s crutches, six blue ponytails, a prayer rug, the coffin with Elise’s little brother, the head of the dog Cindarella, fame and a meaning found and lost and ... 


“Indelible, elusive, and timeless, this uncompromising novel has all the marks of a classic.” (starred) Booklist, USA 

“Gorgeously lyrical and dreadfully bleak.” (starred) Kirkus Review, USA

“This beautiful and frightening book stopped me in my tracks.” David Almond, The Guardian, UK

 “What more do you wish from literature?” Der Spiegel, Germany

“Describes the search that everyone endeavors, but which has never before been told so riveting.” Die Zeit, Germany

This book is a hammer! ZDF, Germany

“NOTHING is at the level of “Animal Farm”, “The Wave” and “Lord of the Flies”. … should be read by all, old as young.” ARD Kultur, Germany

If you want to know how people can become fanatics willing to sacrifice everyone and everything, just read NOTHING.“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

Teller goes even further than William Golding in ‚Lord of the Flies‘ or ‚Morten Rhue in ‚The wave. She shows how not only the group pressures determine human action, but more so the fear of our own inner emptyness, of meaninglessness. Therefore, NOTHING is one of the most literarily and philosophically interesting young adult books in years.“ Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland

“This story is realistically possible. It’s conceivable. And this book can help change that!” Topic, Austria

“A sensation.” Volkskrant, the Netherlands

“Great art!” LMdA, France

“NOTHING is a book that marks the spirit forever. .. Remarkable!” Lirado, France

“Shocks the reader, digs deep into the reader’s consciousness and leaves an imprint that lasts …” El Pais, Spain

“No one escapes the blow.” Publico, Spain

“This ambiguous and shocking story - that has made some call for a Nobel prize - can be compared only to works such as ‘The Lord of the flies’ by Golding or ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by Sallinger. And perhaps it’s even more just to consider it an explosive and dizzying philosophical anti-thesis to ‘The Little Prince’ by Saint-Exupéry.” La Vanguardia,Spain

“Janne Teller has with NOTHING written a novel that is as haunting as it’s brillant.” El Tiempo, Colombia

“An extraordinary gift of art that Janne Teller has offered us, that surely will continue to crack open our doors, feelings and not least our minds.” Rolling Stone magazine, Mexico

”It’s impossible not to be moved.” Norwegian Radio (NRK), Kultur, Norway

”The book has a shocking nerve.” VG, Norway

”Janne Teller has written a gruesome, stinging contemporary saga.” Svenske Dagbladet, Sweden

NOTHING is a fairy tale about the very essence of life.” Politiken, Denmark

”With its unusual rhythmic and tightly composed language it is an amazing work. Teasingly, grippingly and thrillingly, it describes a group of children’s desperate endeavor to prove to themselves and others that something really matters.” Information, Denmark

”You’re fascinated and can hardly let go of the book.” Berlingske Tidende, Denmark

”Janne Teller has written a novel about nothing less than the meaning of life.” The Cultural Minister, (Prize Speech) Denmark