Billedresultat for At gå nøgen  Janne Teller 

Essay Collection (2018)

     Twentyone Essays about Art, Estrangement
     and the Attempt at Being Human



Billedresultat for Afrikanske veje – en variation Janne Teller 
Novella (2013)

       A Variation



Alles - worum es geht    

Short story collection (Hanser Verlag, 2013)


Novel (160p)
Gyldendal, 2008


"In Come, current issues of conflict are transformed into high level literary energy." Politiken

"I whizzed right through, but the afterthoughts have never left me." DR2, Danish national TV
"A mindblowing novel about real life in literature. And vice versa." Litteratursiden

Come is a short intense novel about ethics in art  - and modern life.


Novel (377 p.)
Gyldendal, 2004


The Trampling Cat 

”Janne Teller’s Kattens tramp is a great novel in all meanings of the word. About war and peace, love and hatred, and about humanity above all. … An insanely beautiful love story.”  Berlingske Tidende
”Here is a novel silencing all complaints that Denmark misses contemporary literature relating to the real world. A novel that with one long sharp cat’s claw cuts right through the mendacious euro-centrism, a novel whish doesn’t take easy solutions for an answer, but stubbornly and persistently stomps and tiptoes right through our (mis-)conceptions of history, of the essence of Europe, as well as of the essence of being a human being.” Litlive
What do you do with history gone wrong - between people, between countries?

Novel (495 p.) 
Forlaget Centrum, 1999
Atlantic, 2006
Gyldendal 2008


A contemporary Nordic saga about religious and political fanaticism in a Scandinavia of today.

"A critique of civilisation, a satire of society, a thriller, a dooms day prophecy, and an unusual love story, all woven into a fabulous mythological tale... A greatly mastered, entertaining and vibrant book.” Weekendavisen

"In a truly epic narrative loaded with both humor and mystery, Odin’s adventures take us deep into an imaginary North. Odin’s Island is at one and the same time a thriller, a comedy, a political satire, a burlesque reflection on human folly, a story of love and friendship as well as an eccentric tale … In short, a fabulous work of fiction. The almost 500 pages conquer immediately and seduce forever.”
Le Soir

Youth Novel (116 p.) Danskl. Forlag, 2000



Awarded, ia: Michael L. Printz Honor, USA 2011, Le Prix Libbylit 2008,  Price of the Danish Cultural Ministry 2001.

"Great art." Le Matricule des Anges, France

A youth novel in Nobel Prize class.” Lena Kjersén Edman, Sweden

"All the marks of a classic." Booklist, USA
"The novel asks the immense existential questions of the meaning of life. With its unusual, rhythmic and tightly composed language it is an amazing piece of work, which teasingly, grippingly and thrillingly describes the quest of a group of children to proving to themselves and other people that something matters in life."  Information, DK 

Ilustrated Essay
Danskl. Forlag, 2004

WAR, What If It Were Here

"Finally a necessary book!" Le Monde, France
"A rarely experienced down-played and yet so thrilling depiction of life as a refugee. ... A small debate provoking masterpiece, which it is impossible not to captured by."  Bibliotekernes lektørudtalelse
Published in numerous languages - rewritten specifically for each country.
A fictitious essay about a family fleeing from war, illustrated by Helle Vibeke Jensen

Anthology (205 p.) 
People's Press, 2004


     25 writers on being a writer

Original title: Skriv din Satan
Anthology, edited by Sven Holm, Janne Teller and Thomas Rasmussen.
"A fascinating account of a profession that takes the practitioner through heaven and hell."   Kristeligt Dagblad