Past Events



2-6 June:  HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, Hay-on-Wye, Wales
(The world's biggest philosophy and music festival) 


16. May, CineMaxx,Copenhagen, Denmark
Pre-Screening film based on Nothing.


27.11, 19.00 hrs: Literarisches Coloquium, Berlin, Germany
Sympsium Nordic Literature, reading from Alles 

Hay Literature Festival - Special Events, Paris, France 

27.9, 19.30 hrs: Shakespeare and Company bookshop
¿What is Europe now? Identity, culture and the post covid timesKapka Kassakova and Jane Teller in conversation with Adam Biles
Two of the women from the powerful anthology Europa28, visions for the future, speak with Adam Biles about the "European" culture and experience. The book offers a vast range of perspectives, from 28 outstanding European women (thinkers, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists) looking at this ever-changing continent with fresh eyes and suggesting ways in which we might rebuild it. Kapka Kassakova (Bulgaria/ UK) is the author of Lisière, a book on which she looks at her natal Bulgaria, historical forces in place, and at characters and stories from the region. Janne Teller is a critically acclaimed and best-selling Danish novelist and essayist; her work, including the well known Rien, confronts philosophical questions in life and civilization and often sparks controversial debate.
Event in English 
28.9, 16.00 hrs: Cité des Arts
Europa (s): identity, feminisms and diversity. Kapka Kassakova and Jane Teller in conversation with Lauren Bastide  
Two of the Europa28 participants speak with Lauren Bastide about pressing questions for Europeans: identity, the feminists movements and how to really embrace cultural diversity. As part of the Wom@rt network, Hay Festival put together a powerful anthology, Europa28visions from the future, that collected essays from 28 outstanding European women (thinkers, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs and artists). The book offers a vast range of perspectives, looking at this ever-changing continent with fresh eyes and suggesting ways in which we might rebuild it.  Kapka Kassakova (Bulgaria/ UK) is the author of Lisière, a book on which she looks at her natal Bulgaria, historical forces in place, and at characters and stories from the region. Janne Teller is a critically acclaimed and best-selling Danish novelist and essayist; her work, including the well known Rien, confronts philosophical questions in life and civilization and often sparks controversial debate. 
Event in English 

29. May: HowTheLightGetsIn Festival (virtual) 
22.00 hrs: Money, Fame and Value
Art experts Georgina Adam, Paddy Johnson and novelist Janne Teller debate the influence of money and culture of fame on art.

23 March: Aiwan-i-Sadr, Islamabad, Pakistan
President of Pakistan confers Tamgha-i-Pakistan, civil honor medal, on Janne Teller 

20. February: HowTheLightGetsIn Festival - Winter Revel  (Virtual)
21 hrs, Philosophy Salon: The meaning of truth 
In a world where truth has never felt less clear, distinguishing between knowledge, belief, rhetoric and opinions is only getting harder. Join renowned philosophers Barry C. Smith, Hilary Lawson, and novelist Janne Teller, as they lead a conversation on the philosophy of facts and their alternatives.



to be updated - Most events cancelled due to Covid quarantine.

PAST EVENTS  -  2019

Thur 17. Jan, 19.00 hrs: Bruno Kreisky Forum, Vienna, Austria
JT in conversation with Philipp Blom about Europe and her novel 'Europa - Alles was dir fehlt' /Kattens tramp
(über Ereignisse und Entwicklungstendenzen in verschiedenen Teilen Europas, über das Thema Europäische Identität und den Stellenwert von Literatur in Zeiten des Umbruchs.)

Pakistan - Islamabad / Mianwali 
Sun 27.1: Namal College, Mianwali 

Sat 2. Feb, 14.00-14.30 hrs: Espergærde Bibliotek, Kløvermarken 12, Denmark
JT præsenterer sin essaysamling 'At gå nøgen'

Thur 21. March, 19.30 hrs; Logoi Institute, Aachen, Germany
Alles worum es geht: JT presents her literature in conversation w Mr Kippenhan

3-6 April: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Launch of the short story collection 'Everything' 

11-21 April: Pakistan 

Sun 19. May, 15.00 hrs: Jazzhouse Montmatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Janne Teller in dialogue with pianist Katrine Gislinge; in musical dialogue with Tao Højgaard and Thomas Haas

Thur 23rd May, 12.30 hrs: Hellebæk Skole, Hellebæk, Denmark 
Special school presentation of Janne Teller's literature   

24-26 May: HowTheLightGetsIn Festival
Friday 24th May, 20 hrs: Salon - What is Real? (host)
Saturday 25th May, 14.30 hrs: Debate – The Lure of Lucifer (host)
Saturday 25th May, 17.30 hrs: Debate - The Dark and The Digital
Sunday 26th May – 13.30 hrs - HowTheLightGetsIn Lunch (host)


27 May: Hay Literature Festival
12-13 hrs: Launch Hay Europa 28
13.00 hrs: Debate Europa28 

3-8 June, New York, US
The Germany School - Presentations of 'Nothing', 'War' and 'Everything' 

24-26 June, Skopje, NorthMacedonia
Booklaunch of 'Nothing' 


5-7 Sept: Mantova Literature Festival, Mantova, Italy

Thurs 5 Sept, 14.30 hrs:
Presentation of JT Literature

Fri 6 Sept, 16.45 hrs:
Launch of JT's new novel 'Come'/'E la mia storia' in Italy (Feltrinelli)

Fri 13 Sept, 20.00 hrs: The Village Recording, Skalbakken 15, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Literature Concert: Ethics, Janne Teller w Composer & Musician Martin Lutz


21-22 Sept: HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, London, United Kingdom

 *Debate (speaker): The One True Story - Saturday 21st 1.30pm
*Philosophy Salon (host): Saturday 21st 8.30pm
*Debate (host): The Mystery of Life - Sunday 22nd 4pm


Fri 4. Oct, 09.00-10.00 hrs: Helsingør Bibliotek, Allégade 2, Helsingør, Denmark
Nyhedscaféen, JT fortæller med perspektiv på 3 af ugens nyheder. Moderator: Bo Christensen


Fri 18. Oct, 18.00-19.00: Katharinienkirche, Frankfurt, Germany
Zwischen Zeilen Peace Readings
*Friedrich Ani liest Yishai Sarid (Israel)
*Jennifer Clement liest Behrouz Boochani (Iran)
*Terezia Mora liest Rasha Abbas (Syrien)
*Janne Teller liest Imagine Africa 2060.


Mon 21. Oct, Budapest, Hungary


Mon 21. Oct, 19.00-20.30: European Thinkers, Budapest
Janne Teller talks about Europa and her literature. 
Reading from her novel Macskaköröm


8. Jan, City Hall, Hamburg, Germany
Opening, European Sharing Heritage Year 
(for which Janne Teller is Ambassador appointed by Germany)

Sat 24. Feb, Lahore Literature Festival, Lahore, Pakistan
Panel: Art and the Human Condition

Mon 5. March, Namal College, Pakistan 
Presentation: Everything & Nothing 

Sat 24. March, German-American Institute, Heidelberg, Germany
Interview: Human Resilience - the Danish Way? 

20-21 April: Literature Seminar, Mantova, Italy

27 April, 19.00 hrs: Stuttgart Opera, Stuttgart, Germany
Premiere 'Krieg - stell dir vor, er wäre hier' 

25-28 May, HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay-on-Wye, UK
( )

Sunday 27th May 
12:00 Truth and Lies  (Hall/Globe Site)
Debate with philosopher Christopher Hamilton, performance artist Emma Sulkowicz, and novelist Janne Teller. 

18:00: Solo Talk Janne Teller: The Real Deal  (Ring/Globe Site)

Monday 28th May
12:00: The Darkest Dictator - Orwell vs. Huxley  (Arena/Riverside)
Debate with Cultural Historian Robert Colls, novelist Warren Ellis, curator and professor Julian Stallabrass and novelist Janne Teller. 

14.30: Living Forever  (Hall/The Globe Site)
Debate with philosopher Patricia McCormack, futurist and author Anders Sandberg and novelist Janne Teller. 

18-22 June: European Cultural Heritage Summit, Berlin, Germany

18. June, 19.00 hrs: Dinosaur Hall, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Panel debate, Cultural Heritage

20. June, 15.00-18.00 hrs, Bertelsmann Representation, Berlin
17.00: Panel debate, Communicating Cultural Heritage through Art

21. June, 18.00 hrs, European Author Top-Meeting
Bertelsmann Representation, Unter den Linden 1, Berlin 
One author from each European country give their thoughts on and visions for Europa.
19.00: Janne Teller 

10-12 July, Book promotion tour, Lisbon, Portugal
Presentation of: Guerra - e se fosse aqui & Nada

21-23 Sept; HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, London, UK

24. Oct, 18.00 hrs: Kieler Kunsthalle, Kiel, Germany
JT reads from and presents 'Europa - Alles was dir fehlt' - in conversation w Anette Hübsch 

 Sat. 27 Oct, 12.40 hrs, Bogmessen, Politikens Forlag, Bellacentret, København
Præsentation af ny bog 'At gå nøgen' JT i samtale med Jes Stein

Sat. 27 Oct, 15.30-17.00: Copenhagen City Hall, Copenhagen
Conference: 'Justice for Kashmir'
JT speaks at 16.25 hrs about the human rights situation in Kashmir

2-3 Nov, SILK Literaturfestival, Skudeneshavn, Norge

6-7 Nov, Hay Literature Festival, Santiago, Chile
Centro Cultural San Ginès in Santiago de Chile.
Wed 7 Nov, 19.30 hrs: JT Literary work in conversation 

8-11 Nov, Hay Literature Festival, Arequipa, Peru
Fri 9. Nov, 10.00 hrs: Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemàn, Arequipa, Peru
Janne Teller in conversation with Dylan Moore

Sat 10. Nov 16.00 hrs: Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (Teatro), Arequipa, Peru
Julianne Pachico, Karolina Ramqvist, William Sieghart and Janne Teller in conversation with Peter Florence.

Tue 20. Nov, 19.30 hrs: Louisiana Live, Humlebæk, Danmark
Præsentation 'At gå nøgen' med Marc-Christophe Wagner

Tue 27. Nov, 19.00 hrs: Tranquebar Boghandel, Borgergade 14, København
Præsentation af 'At gå nøgen' med Maja Seistrup 

Sat 8. Dec, 15.00-19.00 hrs: Serena Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan
International Conference on Human Rights in Kashmir
15.50 hrs: Janne Teller 



4-18 Jan: On the Road: Jo'burg, South Africa:
Malalene, South Africa - Maputo, Mozambique - Bilene, Mozambique - Imhabane/Tofo, Mozambique - Chidenguele, Mozambique - Maputo, Mozambique - Mkhaya, Swaziland - Jo'burg, South Africa 

25-30 Jan: Hay Literature Festival, Cartagena, Colombia
Thu, 26 January at 19:30: Hotel Sofitel (Salón Santa Clara), Cartagena
'War - What if it where here?' Janne Teller in conversation with Mauricio Rodríguez. 

Fri, 27 January at 17:00: Centro de Convenciones, Cartagena
The New Reformations. Juan Cárdenas, Renato Cisneros, Carlos Franz, Carlos Granés , Maylis de Kerengal, Ana Maria Machado, Leonardo Padura, Enrique Serrano, Abram de Swaam, Philippe Sands, Janne Teller con Maria Elvira Samper. 

4. Feb, 19.30 hrs: Opera opening night; Den Jyske Opera, Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark
Jyske Opera setting up 'Nothing' by Janne Teller in an opera created by composer David Bruce and librettist Glyn Maxwell. 

4. Feb, 14.30-15.30: Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark
Janne Teller in conversation with Dorte Washuus about her novel 'Nothing' and the opera based on it, premiering that same evening. 

7-8. Feb: Literature Festival, Stavanger, Norway
10.00: Panel debate, Writing about War 

8-9. March: Corral de Comedias, Madrid, Spain
Premiere of Theatre Play based on Nada

13-14 Mar: London, UK
14. Mar, 16.30 hrs, Interview London School of Economics
re: the Human Compass (Closed meeting) 

20. Mar: Berlin, Germany
11.00: Friedenspreis Jurysitzung (closed meeting) 
13.00 hrs: Charlottenburg, Opening of European Sharing-Heritage Initiative 

30-31 Mar: London, UK

2-18 April: Lahore & Islamabad, Pakistan

24. April: Berlin, Germany
11.00 hrs: Friedenspreis Jurysitzung (closed meeting) 

26-27. Apr: Literature Festival, Lund, Sweden
27. april: 9.30-10.30 hrs & 11.00-12.00 hrs 

Presentation and in conversation about 'Hvis der var krig i Norden' 

8-9 May, Internationales Haus der Autoren, 
Graz, Austria
9. May: 18.00 hrs; European Day 
Speech as to being a European with perspectives from within and abroad. 

11. May, 15.30-17.00 hrs: South Danish University, Odense, Denmark
The Day of Literature- Theme Evil: Janne Teller speaking on: 'Literature's Role in building the Human Compass' 

24. May, Berlin, Germany
11.00 hrs: Friedenspreis Jurysitzung (closed meeting)

Thu 13. June, 15.15 hrs: The Baltic Forum, Berlin, Germany
German Foreign Ministry
Janne Teller speaking about European identity, and the Cultural Heritage Sharing initiative

16-18 June, Mare di Libri Festival, Rimini, Italy
17. June, 15.00 hrs: Janne Teller speaking about her literature 


Edinburgh Literature Festival // CANCELLED (due to concussion)
26. Aug, 15.30 hrs: Edinburgh,Writers' Retreat
Panel: Janne Teller with Lina Meruane

***** Unfortunately, due to a concussion, travel and presentations in August-September were cancelled *****

28 Sept - 2 Oct: Odessa Literature Festival, Odessa, Ukraine

Wed 11 Oct, 18 hrs: Brussels, Belgium
Debate about Europe's Future with German Commissioner Günther Oettinger, MEP Guy Verhofstadt, historian Sir Christopher Clark, Danish writer Janne Teller and the German-American economist Max Otte. The debate was moderated by Peter Frey, ZDF editor in chief.

Fri 13 Oct, 18 hrs, Katharinenkirche, Frankfurt, Germany
Zwischen Zeilen Peace readings

Fri 27 Oct, 12 hrs, Hay Literature Festival, Aarhus, Danmark
 Presentation Literary Work - moderator Trine May

Tue 7 Nov, 19 hrs, European Commission, London, UK
 Presentation of 'War - what if it were here' - moderator Andfrew Gardner

 8-10 Nov: Budapest, Hungary
 Book promotion, 'Mascakörom' (Kattens tramp)


Wed, 27. Jan, 19.00 hrs: Panel debate, Dussmann's Kulturbühne, Friedrichstrasse 90, Berlin, Germany
„Wie lässt sich Kultur übersetzen: Können kulturelle und geographische Grenzen durch Literatur überwunden werden?“Debate with Kulturstaatsminister a.D. Michael Naumann, Janne Teller, Magdalena Parys and Marica Bodrožić. 

Mon 8 Feb, 18.30 hrs, Chelsea-Kensington Council, London, UK
Book presentation, moderator: Paul Binding, hosted by the Mayor of Chelsea-Kensington, at the Lecture Theatre, Central Library, Phillimore Walk, London W8 7RX

Thur, 25 Feb, Glyndebourne, UK
World premiere, Opening Night: Opera - based on the novel 'Nothing' by Janne Teller, adapted by composer David Bruce and Librettist Glyn Maxwell

Mon, 21 March, 11.00 hrs,  Frankfurt, Germany
(1. Friedenspreis Sitzung - closed event)

 Fri, 21-22 April, Frankfurt, Germany
(2. Friedenspreis Sitzung - closed event) 

22-24 April, Budapest Literature Festival, Hungary
23. April, 10.00 - 11.00 hrs, Szabó Magada Hall 
Presentation of JT's literature -  Janne Teller in conversation with Zsuzsanna Csobánka

23. April 12.00-13.00 hrs, Scolar stand
Janne Teller signing books

24. April, 13.30 - 14.00 hrs, Scandinavian Stand
Janne Teller signing books 

24. April, 14.00 - 14.30 hrs, Scolar Stand
Janne Teller signing books 

8-14 Sept: Colombia - Book presentations

9-11 Sept: Medellin Literature Festival, Colombia

10. Sept., 15.30 hrs, Salon H. Jardin Botanico, Teatro Explora, Medellin

Presentation of the book 'Guerro' - and the road to peaceful togetherness

10. Sept.,19.00 hrs, Teatro Explora, Medellin
"Who invented this war?" Two authors having written about war, Janne Teller and Laura Restrepo. Moderator Esteban Duperly. 

Tues 13 Sept, 18.00 hrs, Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  Calle 11 No. 5 - 60 Bogotá, 
Guerra book presentation:

Frankfurt Bookfair
21. Oct, 18.00 hrs Zwischen Zeilen peace readings
Sherko Fatah, Felicitas Hoppe, Michael Krüger, Janne Teller
Moderation: Stephan Detjen

23. Oct: 11.00 hrs, Friedenspreisverleihung

22-28 Nov: London, United Kingdom
Presentations of 'War - what if it were here' 

19. Dec: Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany
Ceremony, Press Conference, announcement of 6 European Cultural Heritage Ambassadors for Germany, includding Janne Teller - with the distinguished architecht Sir David Chipperfield, Präsident der Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz Prof Dr Hermann Marzinger, Präsidentin der Humboldt-Universität,Prof Dr Sabine Kunst, as well as the musicians Harald Haugaard & Helene Blum. 


3-5 March; Mexico City, Mexico
Presentations of Todo / Press

 6-9 March, Merida Book Fair, Mexico

 8. March, 20.00, Merida Book Far, Salon Ek Balam, Merida, Mexico
A conversation about Todo

8. March, 21.00, Merida Book Far, Salon Ek Balam, Merida, Mexico
Book signing

17. March, 20.00 hrs: Deutsches Theater, Berlin, Germany
EUROPA. Traum & Wirklichkeit
w. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Janne Teller, György Dalos, Nicol Ljubic, Tilman Spengler, Lindita Arapi

22. may, 20.00 hrs, Salzburg Literaturhaus, Salzburg, Austria
Reading & presentation of KOMM - as part of the Danish night organized  by Salzburg Literaturhaus (starting at 18.00 hrs)

25-28 May: FESTIVAL - HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay, UK

25. May, 16.00 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay, UK
Panel debate: 'Authenticity, Reality & Being' (re: fiction & reality)
w. Steve Fuller, Naomi Goulder, Janne Teller & Hilary Lawson

25. May, 18.30 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay, UK
Philosophy dinner w. Janne Teller - (Authenticity, Reality & Being)

26. May, 10.00 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay, UK
Panel debate: 'Through the Looking Glass' (re: self-deception)w. Simon Wessely, Parashkev Nachev & Janne Teller

26. May, 13.30 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay, UK
IAI Academy Course (philosophy/ Ethics):
'The Human Compass'

27. May, 10.30 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn, Hay, UK
Panel debate: 'The Best Is To Come' (Progress in art)
w. Don Paterson, Sarah Pinborough, Julian Spalding, Janne Teller

1. Sept., 10.00 hrs, Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Design Museum / Danish Foreign Ministry
Presentation of 'War, what if it were here'
(Closed event)

8. Oct, 19.00 hrs: Hamburg, Germany
SEUA/ European Society for Authors

Recommendations for European translations
Janne Teller talks w. Monique Schwitter about Villy Sørensen & Adelheid Duvanel

13-18 October, Frankfurt Bookfair

Wed 14 Oct, 11.00-12.00 hrs: Im Gespräch, Deutschlandradio, Halle 3.1 J37
Profile talk - presenting full oeuvre

Wed 14 Oct 12.00--13.00: Opening Frankfurt Undercover 2015, Authors Lounge
12.30-13.00 hrs: Press Conference, Authors Lounge
- Presentation of the outcome of the 2014 Frankfurt Undercover debates
- Presentation and Opening of the 2015 Frankfurt Undercover debates

Wed 14 Oct 13.00--15.00: Frankfurt Undercover debates, Authors Lounge
Closed event

Wed 14 Oct, 18.00-19.00: Zwischen Zeilen Peace Readings, Ste. Katharinenkirche, Frankfurt 

Thur 15 Oct 10.00--12.00: Frankfurt Undercover debates, Authors Lounge
Closed event

Wed 14 Oct, 18.00-19.00: Zwischen Zeilen Peace Readings, Ste. Katharinenkirche, Frankfurt

Fri 16 Oct 10.00--12.00: Frankfurt Undercover debates, Authors Lounge
Closed event

Fri 16. Oct 13.30-14.30: Press Conference, presentation of outcome of Frankfurt Undercover debates 2015, Weltempfang, Frankfurt Bookfair

Fri 16 Oct, 18.00-19.00: Zwischen Zeilen Peace Readings, Ste. Katharinenkirche, Frankfurt

Sun 18 Oct, 11.00: Friedenspreis Verleihung, Paulskirche

22-26 Oct, Mexico City, Hay Festival
(See Festival programme for ful schedule)

22. Oct: Interviews / Planeta

23. Oct, 16.30-17.30: Centro Cultural Elena Garro, Mexico City
Janne Teller y Mónica Lavín,

25. Oct, 17.00 hrs: UNAM, Sala Miguel, Covarrubias, CCU, Mexico City
Janne Teller y Jose Ovejero in conversation w Rosa Beltran about 'The limits of ethics'

27. Oct, 13.00 hrs, Monterrey, Mexico


4-8 November, Santiago Bookfair, Chile

Fri 6. Nov, 10.00 hrs: Highschool Students, Santiago
Talk about Todo y Nada, and existentialism.

Fri 6. Nov, 14.30 hrs: Catholic University, Campus San Joaquin, Santiago
Talk with Philosophy students about Nada, Ven y Todo

Fri 6. Nov, 18.30 hrs, Santiago Bookfair, Sala Lily Garafuric
Talk about Ven with Francisco Ortega

Sat 7. Nov, 12.00 - : Santiago Bookfair

Sat 7. Nov, 15.00-15.30 hrs: Santiago Bookfair, Sala Lily Garafuric
Meeting with Booktubers

Sat 7. Nov, 17.00-17.30 hrs: Santiago Bookfair, Planeta Stand
Signing Books



2. February, 11.00 hrs: Schiffbau, Zürich, Switzerland

3. February, 10.45-11.45 hrs: Schiffbau, Zürich
(Reading for students)

4. February, 15.30-16.30 hrs: Schiffbau Zürich
(with Schauspiel Ensemble - Closed event)

22. Feb, Guest Key-Note Speaker, Green Electoral Convention, Brussels
Visions for Europe/ Problem of Mass surveillance

1. March, New Narrative for Europe, Conference, Berlin, Germany
Adoption of the declaration

5. March, RightsCon, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, USA
Panel 'Mass Surveillance, What's the Harm?' (Mission Bay Conference Centre)

11. March, Kulturhuset (PEN), Stockholm, Sweden
Paneldebate on Mass Surveillance

13. March, 15.30-16.30 hrs, Leipzig Buchmesse

14. March, 20.00 hrs, L'Institut Francais, Leipzig Buchmesse, Germany
Writers for Peace; panel talk with Boualem Sansal

15. March, 12.00 hrs, ARTE Stand, Leipzig Buchmesse, Germany
Writers for Peace; with Boualem Sansal and Martin Schult


21. March, 10.00 hrs, Lit.Cologne, Cologne, Germany
Reading, 'Alles'

26. March, 19.30 hrs, Akademielesung, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin
Europa & die Literatur; reading from the novel: Europa- Alles was dir fehlt

27. March, 10.00 hrs - Felleshuset, Nordic Embassies, Berlin
Presentation of  'Alles'

27. March, 18.00 hrs - EU Commission, Unter den Linden, Berlin, Germany
Presentation of Literary Works; Reading from 'KOMM'
('Odins Insel'; & 'EUROPA - Alles was dir fehlt')

31. March, 17.00 hrs; Hovedbiblioteket, Copenhagen, Denmark
Præsentation 'Afrikanske veje' - samt erfaringer fra Afrika

2. April, 19.00 hrs; Opdigtet Onsdag, Copenhagen
Café Mandela, Onkel Dannys Plads 9
Læsning fra Afrikanske veje

29 April - 4 May: PEN WORLD VOICES Festival, New York

29. April, 18.30: Exhibition, Deutches Haus at NYU, 42 Washington Mews, NYC
Opening "The Last Line" -
Photographer Heike Steinweg/ Authors writing in Berlin (open until 30 May)

30. April, 19.00; PEN World Voices, Frederick Rose Auditorium at 41 Cooper Union (on 3rd Ave), NYC
Literature of the Great War
- How the horror of war influenced/s literature
with Liesl Schillinger, Geoff Dyer, & Justin Go

1. May, 19.00-20.30 hrs: PEN World Voices, New York
Judd Foundation, 101 Spring Street; Babette's Feast:

Order and Disruption: Dinner debate with Siri Hustvedt, Wesley Stace & Tomas Bannerhed (reading from my novel 'Come')

7-9 May, Europe Dream and Reality /European Writers' Conference, Berlin
8. May, 10.00-11.30 hrs: EWC, Alfred Herrhausen Society, Berlin
'Literary Europe'
Panel debate w Lal Lales, Florence Noiville, Ersi Sotiropoulos & Goran Vojnovic

9. May, 10.30 hrs: EWC, Alfred Herrhausen Society, Berlin
What holds Europe together, and what drives it apart?
Paneldebate w. Zhou Hong, Dominique Moisi & Peter Schneider
5-28 May: HowTheLightGetsInfestival for Philosophy & Ideas, Hay-on-Wye, UK
26. May, 17.30 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn-festival, Hay-on-Wye, UK
The End of Aid; Panel debate on Development Aid

27. May, 10.30 hrs:
HowTheLightGetsIn-festival, Hay-on-Wye, UK
Out of Sight, Out of Mind; Panel debate on Extents of Morality/Empathy
- Followed by 17.00 hrs session of 'Tea, Cake and Philosophy' on same subject
28. May, 10.00 hrs: HowTheLightGetsIn-festival, Hay-on-Wye, UK
Solo Talk: 'Whether the Internet Needs a Democratic Vision'

29 May-5 June: Palestine
- Danish-Palestinian writers (29 May-1 June)
- PALFEST (1-5 June): Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Haifa etc.

24. August, 11.00 hrs: Potsdam, Germany

Literature and Politics: Reading and Debate with Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier:  (exerts from full literary oeuvre) 

8. September, 19.30 hrs: Haus der Berliner Festspiele, BERLIN, GERMANY
World Wide Reading
: Liberation of and Recognition for Edward Snowden - Appeal for Snowden's Asylum.

'Cultures of Trust' - Komm etc.
9. sept, 19.00 hrs: Martin-Luther-Kirche, Neukölln, Berlin
Cultures of Trust, Opening, Janne Teller with Bishop Phashwana & Tenzin Peljor
15. sept. 19.30 hrs: Martin-Luther-Kirche, Neukölln, Berlin
'Komm' - Trust & Origins
19. sept. 19.00 hrs: Martin-Luther-Kirche, Neukölln, Berlin
Cultures of Trust: Reading of book exerts
(closed event for key holders)
Presentation of 'Allt som är' (detailed programme to follow)
25. Sept, 11.00-11.30 hrs: Piratforlagets scen, B05:42 
”Allt som är” - I samtale med Erik Titusson

25. Sept, 12.00-12.45 hrs: ”Identity and nationality”
(debate with Zulmir Bečević and Lena Sundström)
25. Sept,l 14.00-14.30 hrs:
”Den svåra konsten att handla rätt”/ The difficult art of doing the right thing 
26. Sept, 11.00-11.45 hrs: Store Debatscene
Debate on Mass Surveillance (w. Maria Ferm, Daniel Akenine, Sam Sundberg och Torbjörn Tännsjö)

8. Oct, 10.00-11.30 hrs, Lesezelt Agora, Frankfurt Buchmesse
Europa, ein Abenteuer
- mit Mikhail Shishkin, Marica Bodrozic, Katri Lipson & Mely Kiyak.

8. Oct, 12.30 hrs, Authors' Lounge, Halle 5.1, Frankfurt Buchmesse
Open Event for Press, Authors & Publishers 

8. Oct, 13.00-15.00 hrs, Frankfurt Undercover, Frankfurt Buchmesse
Closed Event - Only for participating authors

8. Oct, 18.00-19.00 hrs, Zwischen Zeilen, Katharinienkirche, Frankfurt
Peace Readings:
Open & Free Event

9. Oct, 10.00-12.00 hrs, Frankfurt Undercover, Frankfurt Buchmesse
Closed Event - Only for participating authors

9. Oct, 18.00-19.00 hrs, Zwischen Zeilen,  Katharinienkirche, Frankfurt
Peace Readings: John Burnside, Lutz Seiler and Janne Teller
Open & Free Event

10. Oct, 10.00-12.00 hrs, Frankfurt Undercover, Frankfurt Buchmesse
Closed Event - Only for participating authors

10. Oct, 12.30 hrs, Authors' Lounge, Halle 5.1, Frankfurt Buchmesse
Open Event for Press, Authors & Public

10. Oct, 18.00-19.00 hrs, Zwischen Zeilen, Katharinienkirche, Frankfurt
 Peace Readings:
Open & Free Event

12. Oct, 11.00 hrs, Pauls Kirche, Frankfurt
Friedenspresiverleihung an Jaron Lanier


1. DEC, 18.00-20.00, Zürich University, Zürich, Switzerland
Lecture: The Human Compass (The Human Gap) / KOMM


13. January, 11 hrs; Bruchsal, Badisches Landesbühne
Staged reading of KOMM, followed by Gespräch
to open Janne Teller Woche on the Badisches Landesbühne

1-9 March, Guadalajara Film Festival, Mexico
Member of the Short Film Jury (Fiction, Documentary & Animation)

Mon, 11. March, 19.00 hrs: Librería Gandhi in Mexico City
Presentation Nada

14. March, 19.30 hrs, Mannheim Nationaltheater, Germany
Utopie Station: Debate on Multiculturality, language and identity

24. March, 11.00 hrs, Theater der Künste/Bühne, Zürich, Switzerland
Schreibtisch - Talk about Nichts and Theatre.

18. April, 20.00 hrs: Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, Heidelberg
Presentation of KOMM

19. April, 20.00 hrs: Literaturhaus Stuttgart, Germany
(Breitscheidstr. 4, 70174 Stuttgart)
Gespräch, Text und Lesealter

29. April: Göteborg, Sweden

30. April: Malmö, Sweden

2. Maj: Botkyrka international bookfair, Stockholm, Sweden
Speech/Debate on European identity, w ia, Ben Okri

2. September, 17.00 hrs: Berlin - Die Zentralbibliothek
Reading/discussion of ia, Alles with Michael Krüger and Finn-Ole Heinrich

3. September, 11.30 hrs: Berlin - Berliner Festspiele
World Premiere Alles - worum es geht

19. Sept, 19.00 hrs: Berlin, Germany - Der Vertretung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein beim Bund, Ministergärten 8
Frieden, Freiheit, Mitbestimmung; Debate 

1. October: Brøndums forlag, Copenhagen
Publication: "African Roads" (Brøndums forlag)

2. Oct, 18.30 hrs: Tranquebar Boghandel, Borgergade, København
Præsentation: "Afrikanske veje"

4. October, 19.30-20.30 hrs: Bath Literature Festival, England
Panel debate, w. Kim Fupz Aakeson, Bart Moeyart and Daniel Hahn

5. October, 17.30-18.15 hrs: Bath Literature Festival, England
Panel debate w. Alexia Casale

9-13 October: Frankfurt Bookfair, Germany
10. Oct, 13.00 hrs: Arte-stand, Halle 4.1 L1
Dinge die die Welt verändern/ Du hast die Wahl
Im Gespräch m Jenny Friedrich-Freksa (Zeitschrift „Kulturaustausch“)

12. Oct, 10.30-11.30 hrs: Frankfurt Bookfair, Weltempfang - Zentrum für Politik, Literatur und Übersetzung)
The Appeal for Peace;  With Boualem Sansal; Moderator: Martin Schult 

20 Oct, 16.30-17.30 hrs: Monterrey International Bookfair, Mexico
Presentation: Nada / Ven
17.30: Book signing, Planeta Stand

21 Oct, 12.00-14.00 hrs: Monterrey International Bookfair, Mexico
Presentation for students, Sala Cultural del Campus, Eugenio Garza Sada Prepa Tec

22 Oct, 10.30-12.00 hrs: University Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mx.
Ethic and moral conflicts of Nada / Ven

23 Oct, 19.00 hrs: Museo de Arte de Queretaro, Mexico
Book presentation, Nada / Ven

24 Oct, 13.00 hrs: Claustro de Sor Juana University, Mexico City Book presentation, Nada

27. Oct, Tranquebar Boghandel
Danish/Palestinean writers

28 Oct. 20.00: The Royal Library, Sorte diamant, Dronningesalen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Palestine Edition: Debate on international writer identity, 7 Palestinean and Danish writers.

8-9 December, Milan, Italy (Closed event)
New Narrative for Europe
Hosted by Chairman of European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso and Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta.

10. December, 10.00 hrs, Berlin
Press Conference - Writers Against Mass Surveillance

12-13 Dec, Copenhagen
Publication of 'ALT' (Dansklærerforeningens Forlag)



26-31 January: Hay Festival, Cartagena, Columbia
Ven & Nada, presentations and debates

16. April: Frankfurt University, Germany
Presentation of KOMM

17-22 April: Budapest Literature Festival, Hungary

23-27 April: Reading Tour, Germany
Presentations of KOMM

17-20 May, Milan, Rome, Firenze, Italy
Presentations Niente & L'Isola di Odino

22. May, Düsseldorf, Kanslerei, Germany
Europe - speech

26. June: Literaturhaus München, Germany
Presentation & Debate about KOMM

1-3 July: Hay Festival, Beirut, Lebanon

17-22 August: Edinbugh Literature Festival, Scotland
World Writers' Conference
(Chair: The Future of The Novel)

International Literaturfestival Berlin, Germany:

- Friday 7 September, 12.00 hrs; Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Reading: NICHTS & KRIEG; Moderator: Shelly Kupferberg

- Friday 7 September, 17.00 hrs; Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Panel debate: Welche Kinder- und Jugendliteratur braucht Europa?

- Monday 10 September, 18.00 hrs; Schwarzkopf Stiftung
Panel debate: Which young adult literature does Europe need?

- Friday 14 September, 19.30 hrs: Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Panel debate: European Idea & Identity;
Janne Teller with Peter Schneider, Camille de Toledo.

- Sat 15 September, 16.00 hrs; Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Panel debate: Europe - Isolation vs. Opening; JT w. Azouz Begag

- Sunday 16 September, 15.00 hrs: Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Reading: KOMM; Die Macht des Schreibens

28-30 September 2012: Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden;
For details: please see Book Fair programme


4-7 October 2012: Xalapa Hay Festival, Mexico
For details: please see Festival programme


Monday 15 October 2012, Vienna:

09.30-11.00: NICHTS & KRIEG, Hauptbücherei
12.00-13.30: All books of JT, Wien University, Scandinavistic Institute
19.00-20.30: KOMM & EUROPA; Hauptbücherei

25-29 November 2012; Guadalajara Book Fair, Mexico
Nada & Ven
For details: Please see Book Fair programme

30. November: Biblioteque Nationale du France, Paris
Presentationn Guerre

1 December; Montreuil Salon du Livre, Paris, France
For details: Please see Salon Programme

2. December: Reims Literature Festival, France
Stage presentation Guerre



* 13. november 2008: Danmarkshuset, Paris, France
JT speaks about her literary works  

* 13. november, kl. 15.30: La Sorbonne University, Paris, France
JT speaks about her literary works

 * København, 10. november: JT præsenterer Kom og taler om KUNSTENS MAGT, KUNSTENS ANSVAR, i Det Kgl. Biblioteks Sorte Diamant.

* 25. september, kl. 18.30: JT præsenterer Kom i Tranquebar boghandel, Borgergade 14, København K

* 15. september, kl. 19.00: JT præsenterer Kom på Katapult Teater i Århus.

* 5-10 maj 2008, Madrid: JT præsenterer den netop udkomne spanske udgave af Odins ø.

* 28.2 -2.3 2008, Rom: JT deltager som danmarks repræsentant i konferencen TransEuropeExpress.

* 21.2.2008, København: JT i samtale om hendes litteratur med Kristina Stoltz, Litteraturhaus.

* 14-20 november 2007, Montreal: JT præsenterer sine bøger og deltager i debatter på Montreal bogmesse.

* 18. august 2007: JT præsenterer Odin's Island på Edinburgh Literary Festival.

* 22-25 maj 2007: JT er på rejse i England med Odin's Island.

* 24-29 April 2007: JT deltager i PEN World Voices Festival i New York.

* 5-6 december 2006: JT præsenterer Odin's Island i London.

10-11 februar 2006, præsenterer Janne Teller Intet i Finland.

20. januar 2006 præsenterer Janne Teller Intet og andet i samtale med Jens Raahauge til Børnelitteraturseminar i Forum i København.

*  14 december 2005, præsenterer Janne Teller Odins ø og interviewes af prof. Massimo Ammaniti ved Natale All'Auditorium i Rom.