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8-9. March: Corral de Comedias, Madrid, Spain
Premiere of Theatre Play based on Nada

13-14 Mar: London, UK
14. Mar, 16.30 hrs, Interview London School of Economics
re: the Human Compass (Closed meeting) 

20. Mar: Berlin, Germany
11.00: Friedenspreis Jurysitzung (closed meeting) 
13.00 hrs: Charlottenburg, Opening of European Sharing-Heritage Initiative 

30-31 Mar: London, UK

2-18 April: Lahore & Islamabad, Pakistan

24. April: Berlin, Germany
11.00 hrs: Friedenspreis Jurysitzung (closed meeting) 

26-27. Apr: Literature Festival, Lund, Sweden
27. april: 9.30-10.30 hrs & 11.00-12.00 hrs 

Presentation and in conversation about 'Hvis der var krig i Norden' 

8-9 May, Internationales Haus der Autoren, 
Graz, Austria
9. May: 18.00 hrs; European Day 
Speech as to being a European with perspectives from within and abroad. 

11. May, 15.30-17.00 hrs: South Danish University, Odense, Denmark
The Day of Literature: Janne Teller speaking on: 'Literature's Role in building the Human Compass' 

24. May, Frankfurt Germany
11.00 hrs: Friedenspreis Jurysitzung (closed meeting)

16-17 June, Mare di Libri Festival, Rimini, Italy
Janne Teller speaking about her books 

Edinburgh Literature Festival
26. August, 15.30-16.30 hrs; Edinburgh, UK
Janne Teller with Chilean author Lina Meruane 

11-15 Oct: Frankfurt Bookfair, Germany
Sun 15. Oct: St Pauls Kirche, Frankfurt - Friedenspreisverleihung

26-29 Oct: Literature Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

7. Nov: London, United Kingdom
Presentation of 'War - what if it were here'