Copenhagen, 8. April 1964


M.Sc. Econ., University of Copenhagen (1988)
Economic/Political Advisor for the EU and the UN in Dar-es-Salaam (1988-89), Brussels (1990-91), New York (1991-93) and Mozambique (1993-94), respectively
1998-2002: also parttime consultant, international development/humanitarian affairs.
(see bottom for longer description of jobs)
1995 - today:
Full time writer, residing in turn in New York, Milan, Paris,
Danish Fiction Writer's Association (DsF)
The Danish Foreign Affairs Society

Translated into:

Prizes, ia:

29 languages, including English (US & UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese, Slovenian, Croatian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese, Corean and Latin.

Drassow's Prize, Denmark 2014, literary works towards peace & human understanding
Peter Pan Prize, Silverstar, Sweden 2013 for War
Teskedsordnen, Sweden 2012 
(anti-fanaticism prize), War
Michael L. Printz Honor
, USA 2011, for literary excellency
Mildred. L. Batchelder Honor Award, USA 2011, for 'Nothing'
Die Zeit. Luchs Preis, Germany, August 2010 
Le Prix Libbylit 2008
 for best children's novel of the year published in French, for Rien.
Cultural Ministry's Prize, Denmark 2001 for best children's book of the year 2001, Intet.   

Grants, ia:

National Council, Lit. (2017, 16, 13, 12,11, 09, 08, 07, 06, 04, 03, etc) 
National Foundation for the Arts (2015, 14, 13, 09, 07, 06, 05, 01) 
National Foundation for the Arts (3-Year Stipend, 2002)
Author's Account (2006, 2001) 
BG-Foundation (2000)
Harald Kidde's Foundation (1999) 
Beckett Foundation (1999) 





African Roads
(88 p.) Brøndums forlag, 2013

(160 p.), Gyldendal, 2008


The Trampling Cat
(377 p.) Gyldendal, August 2004

Odin's Island
(novel, 499 p.), Forlaget Centrum, 1999

(YA novel, 160p.) Dansklærerforeningens Forlag, 2000

Other publications:









Essays, Stories etc:


(Short story collection), Hanser Verlag, 2013

To See the One Who Sees You
Illustrated essay on multiculturalism
Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, 2006

War, what if
Illustrated essay (52 p.), Dansklærerforeningens Forlag 04

Write Your Devil 
(co-editor and contributor)
Antology, People’sPress, 2004

Short story, Le Monde de l’Education, France, 2002
Published in separate booklet in Danish, Gyldendal 2007

Thank God for the Burden of History 
    Essay, FAZ, Germany, May 2016:

The Human Compass: When Extremism Becomes the Magnetic North               
Essay, Institute of Art & Ideas, UK, April 2016/ Berliner Republik, Germany, Dec 2016 

Ode to a Land
      Essay, Anthology: American Writers on Palestine, Or Books, Dec 2015

Tea with Turgenjev
     Essay, FAZ, Germany, Sept 2014

The Golden Future of the Non-Gilded European Youth
     Essay, Cicero Magazine, Germany, April 2014

Du hast die Wahl
Essay, Austausch Kulturmagasin, Germany, 2013

Schreiben für den jungen Menschen in uns
 Essay, Litteraturmachen, Voland&Quist, Germany 2013

Vox Populi: Money Talks
Essay, Max Joseph magazine, Germany, feb 2013 

Europa. Wer bist Du? Wer möchtest Du sein?
    Essay, Politiken Denmark/ Die Welt, DE 2012 

Zwischen die Zeilen
Essay, Lettre Internationale, Germany, June 2012

Der Spion Nebenan
Essay, Cicero kultur-magasin, Germany, Jan 2011 

Long live Denmark
Essay, Politiken, Denmark, August 2009

The Power of Art, the Art of Power
Essay, Politiken, march 2009

Short story, TransEuropeExpress, Italy 2008

Why no Guru is a True Guru
    Essay, Corriere Della Serra, Italy, 2007

On Quality and Literature
    Essay, Danish Professors’ Magazine, 2007

To See the One Who Sees You
    Illustrated essay, Kunstf Gl. Strand, 2006

May Muhammad have Mercy on My Country
    Essay, Information, 2006

Walking Naked
    Essay, Lettre Internationale 05

Our Different Realities
    Essay, Lettre Internationale

With Hips Rolling and Eyes on the Ground
    Essay, Gyldendal 05

    Essay, Politikens Forlag, 2005

Between the Lines
Essay on literature and reality, Information, 2005

Ridder Rask og den Brune Bamse
   Short story for children, Samvirke, april 2002

The Poverty Law
   Filosophical law about material and spiritual poverty
   Brøndums Danske Lov, Brøndums Forlag, 2000

F. Thorvalds
   Short storyt, anthology, Centrum, 2000




































Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania: Economist, UNDP
Responsible for Social Dimensions of Structural Adjustment (mitigation of adverse social effects of economic liberalization) - for a large part seconded to the Ministry of Finance/Planning Commission, advising on Macroeconomic policies (incl. at the Consultative Group meeting of Donors in Paris Dec. 1989).


Brussels, Belgium: Trade Policy expert/negotiator for the EU (Commission DGI - External Relations);
Responsible ia for/negotiating on behalf of the EU with developing countries in the GATT (now WTO) Uruguay Round.

 New York, US: Executive Officer/Aide, UNDP

Special Assistant to the Administrator of UNDP: resposible for ensuring the functioning of the Administrator (executive head of the organisation), incl. speech writing and advising on Human Development, Crisis/Conflict Management, Democratization and Post-conflict reconciliation, as well as UN Organisational matters. 

Executive Officer OPS/UNDP: responsible for the running of the OPS Director's office, incl. speech writing and advising on strategy/policy.


Maputo, Mozambique: Aide to the Special Representative of ONUMOZ (UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mozambique)
Responsible for the functioning of the Special Representative, advising the Spec. Repr. on Policy and implementation of the Peace Accord, demobilisation of soldiers, preparation of the civil society for peace and democracy, return of refugees, cease fire violations, torture cases, negotiations with the Mozambican governement and RENAMO, liaison with the International representations and Embassies in Maputo, as well as the conceptualisation and drafting of reports and resolutions for the Security Council, the Electoral Law, and policy communications between ONUMOZ and UN HQ on all these and other policy related matters.


Next to novel writing:

Consultant, Nordic Consulting Group:

responsible ia for macro- and socio-economic assessment of situations and needs in numerous countries, such as Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique and Egypt, related to a diverse range of poverty alleviation, humanitarian , post-conflict or other development programmes in all fields from energy and transport to civil society.